Sunday, March 26, 2006

Above is the cover for my latest book to be released this fall called, Moving Day, written by Ralph Fletcher and being published by Boyds Mills Press. It is, as you've noticed, sans text. My patience this morning is short and I couldn't get it to transfer from the pdf the first time - so I quit. The art is what I'm trying to show anyway. grrrr

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John said...

Hi Jennifer

It's the first time I've seen your wonderful Blog, prompted by your post on PBA. Wow! What beautiful work, and very versatile too!

This is exactly the kind of thing I want to develop my Blog as too, once I've figured out everything and grabbed some time. I've only just started mine, but I'm amazed how easy it is to post work-in-progress and so on.

I love your work!

John Shelley (fellow PBAer and newbie Blogger)