Monday, May 26, 2014

I have started scanning my works in progress over the last year and am finally deciding to share some of them.

It's been a great learning tool for me.  Being able to see where the turning points are in a piece (for better or for worse), to see what layers work well together and what colors I'll never use again!

This illustration is part of a short series - the others still in their sketch stages.  Hope you like!

 This is where my illustrations usually start.  Not pretty, but it helps me work out placement and feelings.

This is the cleaned version of the final sketch that gets printed onto my watercolor paper.  Everything has to be just right at this point because I can't do much altering once it's printed.

And now the Awful In Between...

Shut that door!  That room is distracting me.

Still not sure what to do with that pillow...

Below is the final piece.  A little color corrected and cropped.  Thanks for dropping in!

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Heather Dickinson said...

Really good to see the whole process .... lovely illustration