Friday, May 12, 2006

I used to have three rabbits. Fezzik; my sweetest, Nubby; my girl and George;from the Hawaiian islands. This sketch is of Nubby-who missed a hind foot (hence the name...). She and Fezzik would sit under my drawing table and I would sketch them on bits of scratch paper when I needed a break-or when they were doing something particularly cute. This is a particularly cute moment for Nubby, cleaning her nub right under my feet.

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AKM said...

Hey, I finally got to your blog, just in time for Nubby's premiere! I love that you've added so much more of your work to your home page- the girl with the umbrella, in the section of washes, is one of my favorites. (And fits today perfectly- when will we get some sun?)
Have a great day anyway- go splash in some puddles.